We are proud to provide our event list by which you can be informed on events we created or we are following so that you can keep up with us or even join us!

You can contact us in case you would like to join us so that we can share more details i.e. locations and fees.

This Week:

  • On Monday we will be attending a wellness workshop in Chicago, IL. (for more details contact us)
  • On Wednesday, come with us to our local homeless shelter where we will provide food and clothing to the residents. Any donations are more than welcomed and encouraged.
  • On Friday, we will be hosting a day of games where children from the homeless shelter will be spending their day with us. Plenty of brain teasers, chess tournaments and sports will be held on the day. From 8am-9pm.

Next Week:

  • On Sunday, we will be attending a nearby AA meeting to listen and support the attendees.