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The benefits to owning a dog for a better life

We have been hearing that dogs are man’s best friend, today we are doing to give you some scientific reasons on why these cute, loyal, four-legged pets are the best thing you can introduce to your life, let’s talk about benefits of owning a dog for a better life:

They keep you active

Having a dog motivates you to workout more often, basically, they need daily exercise routine and you will be required to stay active to keep your dog healthy.

Dogs are proven to be a great companion for morning walks or jogging session, you can play a lot of games with them which will ultimately burn a lot of calories for you.

dog benefits

Keeps you happy

Some case studies have found that the presence of dog may help in the prevention of depression and it relieves the anxiety. Dog owners are found to have more serotonin and dopamine that helps to experience “feel good” and lower mood swings.

Better social life

One of the top reason to have a dog? You will be getting far more chances to date women, f that’s your priority.

Walking with your dog helps you burn some extra calories and it also helps in initiating interaction with new people.

Boost immunity

Although dogs are considered to be the messiest member of the family, they help in the prevention of allergies and asthma in children.

Reduce stress and anxiety

Studies have found that dogs help in lowering blood pressure and relieve stress and anxiety. If you are experiencing high-stress levels because of a tiring job then you should consider adopting a dog.

dog benefits

Great companions

You don’t really need friends if you have a dog, in the world with fake people, dogs are a much better alternative to humans. Dogs are a great companion and if you feel lonely or being ignored by your colleagues then you should plan to introduce the best companion in your life.

Teaches responsibility

Dogs come with a lot of responsibilities, you will be required to take them to walk on a daily basis, feed them on right time, take them for regular checkups, etc.

A dog will surely teach you to be a responsible person.

5 keys to living a longer, healthier life

Everyone can live a strong and healthier life if you observe a few keys to living a healthier life. Observing such makes people to not only live healthier but also to be more energetic and add some years to your lifespan.

Read on to find out how you can lengthen those years…

5 tips to live a healthier life

1. Eat daily required fruit and vegetables

This is one of the most important keys to living healthy. This is because fruits and vegetables have been known to reduce and even cure diseases. Go for those rich in vitamins and minerals.

Fruits and veggies are also a high source of fiber which will help to keep the digestive system intact. Also when it comes to calory intake, fruits naturally have a lower count. So, whenever you feel like snacking, forget that candy bar and reach out for a fruit instead.

 2. Exercise often

Make it a habit to include some exercise regime into your life and stick to it. It will keep you happier, stronger and will burn those calories. According to recent studies, exercise has proven to be an anti-aging vaccine. It also reduces the risk of diseases like heart attack.

3. Get a dog

Those people with a dog live longer. This is because dogs will always make you take that walk. That’s exercise. Plus they have a therapeutic side to them. They are known to help people with anxiety. A dog truly is man’s best friend.

4. One of the keys to living is to treat yourself on occasion

Someone once told me that once in a while, you need to tap yourself on the back and say “good job body”. Give yourself a reason to live a little and pamper yourself. Go for a spa and have that body massaged. Do stuff that makes you happy.

5. Make sure to take your holidays

You need to stop at some point and take a break. Save up for a holiday. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Just get out of your comfort zone and go to a different city or country, relax and enjoy a fresh scenery.

Keep Your Relationship Strong By Engaging In Social Activities

Being in a relationship takes a lot of efforts and it requires some quality time to nurture it, the modern world has been observing a rise in the number of divorces because of the lack of time and being ignorant towards your partner’s needs.

Elements of a strong relationship

  • Transparency
  • Good communication
  • Sharing responsibilities
  • Teamwork
  • Giving each other some space
  • A lot of sex

Engaging in social activities is a great way to strengthen your relationship, a couple who socialized together are found to have more affection and better teamwork capabilities. Reason to socialize more:

Spend some quality time

Socializing events lets you spend some quality time together, while most of the couple spend most of the time staring at a television or their mobile, socializing lets you escape from the digital work and let you stay in the present.

While socializing may involve attending any parties or hiking trips, and you are going to spend some quality time together.

keep social

Know each other better

Attending social events let you discover the hidden side of your partners very efficiently, meeting the friends and family of your partner let you know the real character of your partner and let you aware of how they used to behave a few years ago.

My wife is always excited about visiting my old friend’s group, she claims that it helps her understand me better.

Stronger bond                     

Whether it’s a holiday trip, or a weekend trip or just hiking trip, socializing helps you promotes the teamwork capabilities of the person.

While you meet people as a couple, you develop senses to understand your partner in a better way, you will get to understand what they are good at, what things offend them easily. You get to understand the partner’s body language and sign language.

keep social

Create new memories

That’s obviously the best part of socializing; you can’t create beautiful memories while locking down yourself at the house. Learn to give yourself some room to discover new horizons, taste new food, visit some countries with totally different culture, discover new hobbies that, join travel groups that organize activities that let you create some enjoyable moments.

Protein food choices for the recently turned vegan


What protein can food choices be recommended for someone who just decided to kick the meat-eating habit?

It can be quite hard for meat lovers to suddenly become vegan. Whether it’s for medical choices or you have just decided to do it for diet or just a healthy choice, you still have to at least have a balanced diet. And you need the protein-packed foods in your diet. They are great especially for building and maintaining great muscle function.

Much us the main protein source we think of instantly is animal protein, there are lots of great proteins from plants too. They are cheaper and packed with amino acids.

Non-meat protein foods to consider

1. Quinoa

Quinoa is a great source of protein. 8 grams per serving. Even NASA hails its importance. This protein is packed with lots of fiber, iron, and magnesium. Looking like couscous, quinoa can be a great substitute for rice too. It is one versatile protein food choices to consider as you can make anything from cookies to casseroles.

2. Lentils

lentilsLentils are very nutritious. They are packed with fiber, folate, iron, calcium, potassium… Much as some might argue that the protein is not complete, it is packed with great amounts of amino acids necessary for our bodies.

 3. Chickpeas

Chickpeas are a great source of protein with low saturated fat. They are cholesterol-free too. This hence makes it a heart-friendly meat substitute.

4. Beans

This is the cheapest source of protein recommended for vegans. And the best way to make the most out it is to combine it with rice.

5. Nuts food choices

Peanuts, cashew nuts, almonds, pistaccios, sunflower… There are a great variety of nuts to choose from. Besides proteins, nuts have great fats, omega three which is great for the heart.

One thing about nuts is how easy they are to carry. So they are one of the healthiest snacks to carry to work too.

So whenever you feel the need to snack a little, why not go nuts about it.

Whatever proteins you choose to substitute meat, the key is to mix them up so that you enjoy different nutrients they offer.




Couples Therapy Might Be The Solution

Couple therapy is the best thing that can happen to any relationship, not all the couples are capable of establishing good communication and understanding within the relationship and that’s where couple therapy experts come into play.

If you are going through a difficult phase in your relationship then instead of waiting and trying to fir things by yourself you should visit a specialist.

The right person to share your thoughts with

One of the biggest mistakes that most of the couples make is, they think their relationship doesn’t need a therapy. Couples share their problems with their family, friends, and colleagues but there people are not the right one to share your problem with.

Your friends and family members cannot give you neutral advice and their pieces of advice can prove to be toxic for your relation. A couple therapy expert is trained to provide you neutral advice and improve your understanding between your relation. Addition to neutral advice, they are professionals with whom you can share your darkest secrets that you were unable to share with anyone else.

Better communication

One of the biggest communication help that couple counseling provides is neutral advice and keeping your talks secrets.

But these professions aren’t just for throwing advices on you, they have the experience to deal with these situations and have expertise in establishing better communication between the couple.

couple therapy

If arguments are getting more frequent

if your arguments are getting more frequent then you should start thinking about visiting a couple therapist. Argument is a initial stage of any bad relationship. Sometime couples argue on the valid points but most of the time they argue on invalid points due to lack of healthy communication.

Couple therapist is a right guy that will help in establishing healthy communication within your relationship and might cure the problem before it convert itself into incurable.

Understand partners perspective

It’s a normal human behavior that sometimes we get so selfish with our demands that we forget to think from the partner’s perspective. A couple therapist is a right person to share your relationship demands and understand your partner’s perspective.

Couple therapist are also well aware of the dynamics of the healthy relationship and their knowledge and experience plays a crucial role in developing a better understanding.

He has Professional in what he do

Hiring a couple therapist is like a personal trainer, you don’t essentially need him but its always better to hire him. You can exercise without a personal trainer, but if you hire a personal trainer he will save you from any injury, likewise, you can deal with your relationship problems by yourself but a good relationship counselor


Find Your Next Partner In The Most Unexpected Places

When its right time, your true love can come to you from any direction and it’s not about how desperately you are looking for your next partner, sometimes you are destined to meet someone at the most unexpected places.

Sometimes its good to let your destiny do the work and you just sit back and see the miracle happen.

At the Gym

Although the gym is not an unexpected place to find love, still we are considering it in our list because it is the place where you don’t pretend to be someone else.

There is something primal in the gym; you look sweaty, hot and reveling at the gym and it’s a perfect place to fall in love with someone. A gym is a place when you remain in your skin. People are always pretending to be someone else for their whole life, at the office they pretend to be more mature and hardworking, at pubs they pretend to be rich and happening.

Gym is a perfect place to find your next partner,  learn to approach someone at the gym before you try to hit on someone. A gym is the only place where your dedication and passion towards something can be seen.

Right under your nose

In a pursuit to find the true love, many of us scan every single option in the whole city but we forget to recognize the best life partner just under our nose.

Sometimes the people with whom we are being friends for years are the best person we can get in our life. You might have searched every single in the city through online dating sites and He/she might be living in your neighbor waiting for your right approach.

looking for your next partner

Friends gathering

If you are looking for a next partner then you should definitely not avoid any friends gathering, there you may find someone suitable for you.

Public transport

Another one of the most random place to find love is public transport. It’s a place where you have nothing to do much and you can have a long random conversation with people. Daily commuters have greater chances of finding love in public buses or metros.

On the street

Let me tell you my personal story, at the age of around 18, a guy had a crush on me and he started stalking me everywhere I go. One fine day he stopped me rudely to get into a conversation with me and a tall and handsome guy came into my rescue, and I was fallen in love with him at the point I saw him. Although I could not marry that guy due to personal reasons but we spent some lovely time together.

If you are someone with helping nature then you can surely find the person you have been waiting for. Streets are full of uncertainty, there are people looking for help.


Is Your Relationship Healthy Or Toxic?

No relation is perfect, fights and disagreements are common in most of the relationships but there is always a limit of everything and there are signs that can predict the future of the relationship.

Some habits can we considered totally normal but recognizing a toxic relationship in the early phases is very important for your mental and physical health. There are some serious personality traits that you should always look for into your relationship to judge whether you are in right relationship or you should call an abort.

Being a relationship counselor for many years, I got an opportunity to hear many couples in my life, some of them are in a healthy relationship but they needed some lifestyle changes but some of them were really toxic relationships. This article will help you get a better Idea to do justice to your relationship.

Signs your relationship is toxic for you.

  • Is it all about taking? One of the most visible evidence of toxic relationship can be seen when your relations is all about taking. A relationship is a two-way road and if the love is true between the couple then it is always given and take. It’s not always about monetary give and takes, it’s about mental and spiritual support as well.
  • Trust issues: if there is always a trust issue in a relationship then you might be in a toxic relationship. But before certifying your relationship as a toxic it’s important to know whether the trust issues are because of over possessiveness due to some past experience. A couple should see a couple therapist to have a clear vision of the relation.
  • Excess of self love (narcissism): if your partner is excessive self obsessed then you have probably landed yourself into the wrong relationship. Love is all about what you are willing to give instead of what you are willing to take and narcissist person is never suitable for any relationship.
  • Negativity: if there is always a footprint of negativity when you are together then you are probably in a wrong relation.
  • Hostile atmosphere: if your partner has a physically violent nature then you should definitely get yourself out of a relationship, physically violent partners are better suitable behind the bars not in your bed.
  • Disrespect: the day when you start losing respect for your partner, is the day when your relationship starts to decay. Respect is one of the most important ingredients of any relationship and if your partner doesn’t respect you, that means you deserve a better partner in your life.
  • Do you feel unworthy? With the presence of disrespect within your relationship do you often feel unworthy of anything? If yes then your relationship has become toxic for you and you should probably plan an exit now.

So we have discussed the toxic relationships but we are also required to figure out the signs of a healthy relationship as well. So let’s explore that.

healthy relationship

Signs you are in a healthy relationship

  • If your partner is matured enough to let you enjoy your personal space then you are definitely into a positive and healthy relationship.
  • You feel positive about your life? If yes then you are in a perfect relationship, mental positivity is the primary pillar of relationship, mental positivity leads to better life and greater satisfaction.
  • Fights and disagreements don’t mean you are in a toxic relationship, fights and disagreements are important to every relationship, they insure that both the partners possess equal status in relation.
  • Good sex: a great pleasure doesn’t come with the size of the shaft or how long you can last in bed, good sex comes with the connection you are able to establish in your relationship. One of the major benefits of experiencing good sex is it reduces the dissatisfaction in the relationship.
  • You take care of each other
  • If you feel safe and secured while being with your partner and you can completely trust him/her then you are in a very healthy relationship, trust is the most important factor of any relation.
  • Joint decisions are an important part of the healthy relationship, it verifies the equal status of both the partners.

How Exercise Can Mend Your Mind And Soul

Regular exercise has many physical benefits that all of us are aware of, but are you aware of the mental and spiritual benefit of regular workout with your partner?

Workout affects you physically and mentally, when it is done with a partner you will be able to see enhanced effects on your relationship and it can help you improve your bounding in a relationship. Here is how couple exercise can have a positive effect on you.

Fights anxiety

If you are experiencing the down-side in your relationship then you should think seriously about a daily exercise routine. It will help you in different ways and lead to cure anxiety within the relationship.

Quality time

With the fast-paced lifestyle, it gets difficult to spend some quality time with your partner, most of the partner complaint about not being able to spend quality with each other.

Workout together is an incredible way to spend some quality time with each other and it will keep the motivation as well.

couple exerciseEscape bad mood

It’s okay to have a fight last night, exercising together every morning will help you escape from bad mook and will help you forgive each other.

Exercise helps in releasing hormones that result in feeling good and energetic. You will experience getting rid of negativity and will boost your confidence level.

Better sex life

One of the most common reasons why couples experience drop in their sex drives is their body fitness. With the consumption of unhealthy food and lack of physical work, the majority of the population is suffering from lifestyle diseases (like obesity, diabetes, blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc).

Regular couple exercise will help you gain confidence in bed and will make you more comfortable with your body. Additionally, exercise will help you elevate your testosterone levels and libido levels that assists in improving the sex drive and mood enhancer.

Learn to work as a team

One of the greatest benefits of a workout with your partner is you start developing better teamwork in your relationship.

You get to know each other’s physical capabilities and start giving more support. You develop a bond where you push and motivate each other to achieve new heights in the relationship.

Develop a support system

So you have already developed great teamwork while workout now its time to develop a support system at home, you will be more attentive towards the needs and will support each other with a healthy lifestyle. You will be happier and more sensitive towards each other.

How To Maintain A Healthy Relationship.

Relationship last long because two people made a choice, the decision to keep it, to fight for it and to work hard for it.

Maintaining healthy relationship needs lots of efforts and those who are not willing to make sacrifice are the one who generally fails to be a good partner.

To maintain a healthy relationship you don’t really need a complex process to follow, all you need is a real intention to make it work.

Before talking about the healthy relationship it’s important to understand the true meaning of the healthy relationship. A healthy relationship means a relation which contains the sense of satisfaction.

We all need to make few efforts to grow the healthy relationship. Let’s explore the tips to maintain a healthy relationship.

Don’t argue over money

Arguing over money is the worst thing that happens to any relationship, arguing over money proves there is no understanding between the partners and both have different future plans.

Money is a matter that needs to be sorted on the top priority of any relationship, whether you believe it or not money is the main pillar of our life, and without right management of money, you definitely can’t go smoothly in your relationship. If you haven’t discussed your spending patterns, savings, investments and future planning then you should do it now.

Show your affection daily

Showing your affection, not just about sex, it’s about showing you care. A good random hug or kiss on a forehead can work well.

healthy relationship

Support each other

Support is another most important element of the successful relationship. There are a lot of ways through which you can develop emotional support within your relationship.

  • Complement your partner in front of other people; it gives them a feeling of satisfaction.
  • Say “I love you”, sometimes frank display of love is what your partner is craving for. Let your partner know that you love her/him.
  • Gifts play a powerful role in the display of love, it’s just a gesture that speaks allot about self.
  • Never ignore your partner, being ignorant can lead to ruining of relationship.

Never sleep angry

No matter how bad your day went, sort the issue before you go for a sleep. One of the most common traits of a healthy relationship is they never hold grudged and dissatisfaction for each other.

Spend some quality time

Spending some quality time alone plays a big role in any relationship; it is time when you try to establish a better connection with your partner.

To spend a quality time you can just plan a random date or backpack for a holiday. Due to the active lifestyle, it gets difficult for the couples to spend some quality time with each other. Spending some alone quality time can help in revitalizing your relationship and re-establish the broken thread of your relationships.


Appreciation is an art that you all need to learn if you are trying to maintain a healthy relationship.

Appreciation brings a sense of satisfaction for the sacrifices your partner is making for you, appreciation is a way to say thank you for their support.


Listening is a powerful tool that can improve any relationship, most of the relationship fails because of lack of communication, lack of communication occurs because of bad listening habit. Here are some tips to improve your listening habits.

  • While having a conversation with your partner, maintain good eye contact and have your face towards them.
  • Try to be attentive and relaxed.
  • Concentrate on what the partner is saying instead of that would be your next response.
  • Don’t interrupt in the mid of sentence.
  • Never pre-judge the statement.

Stay positive

Every time you find yourself into a problem what is your first reaction towards it?

Is it “oh my god, how can I get myself into a horrible situation” or “I have successfully dealt with this kind of situation and I can do it again!”

Having a positive mindset plays a very important role in the relationship; it is going to be the deciding factor whether your relationship is going to be easy going or a mess.

Negativity is a kind of addiction, once you get into negative thoughts you get deeper into it, being positive helps you deal with the negative situation in a healthier way.

Healthy relationship

Be an asset

In my long career as a relationship counselor, I have seen couples were not just a liability to their partner. It’s not about how much money you earn, it’s about acting as a burden to your partner.

Try to establish yourself as an asset for your partner, an asset that he/she should be proud of.

You don’t need to earn millions to be an asset; simple personality traits like caring for a partner, supporting and being sensitive towards partner are big qualities that can transform you into an asset.

Respect each other

Respect is more important than anything else in a relationship; your beauty is going to fade away. Respect for each other is the only aspect through which you can establish a strong and positive relationship.

10 Tips To Improve Your Daily Routine With Minimum Effort

In pursuit of living a better life, we often make it more complicated and stressful.

Let’s get straight to the point, you want to improve your daily routine and your daily energy but you don’t want to make any dramatic changes in your schedule as well.

You want some hacks that can make your life better with minimum efforts. If we can satisfy the psychological need of your brain, you can definitely hack your brain to be more happy, satisfied and energetic.

There are few daily routine that needs to be followed in order to make it easy for you.

Stop checking Facebook frequently

Constant usage of Facebook is making you sick, there are numbers of reason why excess usage of Facebook is bad for your mental health.

  • It is making you unsatisfied with your life.
  • Facebook is a primary medium of circulating negative propaganda, and it is adding stress.
  • It can be addictive
  • Unless you are a marketing company, Facebook is proving to be waste of time.


In order to get a success in life, we often forget to spend some self-pampering time.

Why do you really need some self-love in our daily routine? Because daily stress is making you tired and it is affecting your productivity, performing some mind and body restoration will help you improve your daily routine and will help you with better productivity.

Have a coffee

Sometime in the chaos of hectic lifestyle all you require is a strong coffee. Try replacing your Cappuccino with an Espresso, it will help you with better metabolism, feeling more fresh and energetic.

Coffee contains Nootropic agents which are very helpful in improving concentration and great brain stimulant.

daily routine

Take notes

Taking notes is absolutely required if you have a habit of procrastination, most of the people suffering from bad routine were always found to waste time in things that were on least priority.

including taking notes in your daily routine will help as a reminder to complete those tasks.

Eat more fruits and veggies

Eating more fruits and veggies is a step towards healthy living and eliminating that junk food from your diet. Junk food makes you feel bloated and tired, whereas fruits and veggies will make you feel lighter and refreshes.

It’s a good practice to stock up fruits and veggies at home so that you won’t eat anything unhealthy whenever you get food craving.

Wear bright floral colors

Colors define your mood, you can try it by yourself if you don’t believe me.

Wearing bright floral colors will make you feel more confident and energetic which will ultimately result in better productivity.


One of the greatest way to feel good in exercise daily. Exercise will help in better blood flow, more supply of oxygen towards brain and shredding of that extra fat that is making you lazy.


Meditation doesn’t come to you from the first day; you will be required to make it possible through constant practice. Meditation helps in relieving stress and sense of relaxation.

Be Generous

In order to have a better routine, you will be required to feel good first,

In order to feel good, you will be required to be thankful for things and people you have around you.

Being generous and thankful has an immense power to make you more productive, stress-free and Happier version of yourself.

Take a break (be it Sunday)

We don’t realize the importance of breaks, sometimes all your body craves is a break. Just like we take a break from bodybuilding to let the body recover, your brain requires breaks to restore itself.